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  • We plan, hire & execute your"Lingual Projects"
    Launch your product, app, website or book with us. We provide turn-key solutions. 
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  • We Specialize in Indian & Right Hand Languages Translation, Transcription and Subtitling

    Providing cutting edge translation and localization solutions for all Right-Hand Languages. 
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  • Tech Recruitment

    We offer customized and specialized IT recruitment solutions. Our recruiter will work as part of your extended team. 
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What We Are
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Our Support
What We Are

13+ Years into Translation, Virtual Assistance & Recruitment Business!

WorkplaceVendor™ is a trust-worthy name for virtual assistance, translation and recruitment services. Our staff and VA's are talented, skilled, flexible and available at lower cost. 

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Why Choose Us

We work hard, hire the best, ensure quality!

At WorkplaceVendor™, we make sure that each translation project is culturally correct, completed by experienced, qualified, and professional translators, edited by a well-qualified editor and then the proof-reading task is completed by a qualified expert who also ensures that the final document is flaw-less and error-free.

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Our Support

We support like nobody!

We offer instant human translation for software developers and other executives requiring urgent translation work. We are available on Skype/Google Hangout 24/7 to support our clients anywhere in the world.

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Global Interpretation

- Business
​- Medical
​- General
​- Online/On-phone
​- Offline/Physical

Get Global News In Your Language

We provide translation services for news channels and newspapers. You may contract out the news supply business for any linguistic area. We provide news translation services in different languages and on different continents.
​                                                                   

Our Languages & Services

- Translation, Editing, Proofreading
​- Interpretation, General, Medical 
​- Subtitling
​- Transcription 
​- Localization 
​- Lingual Validation, NLP, TEP, MTPE, 
​- News Clipping, Medial Monitoring                           More...                     


We provide translation and interpretation services in most of the Indian and world languages. 

Media Monitoring

We provide translation services for news channels and newspapers.


Our Recruitment Services are highly specialized, trusted and available in various verticals. 

Translation Q/A Process

Tech Recruitment

Star Experience

Wonderful service on Medical Interpretation and translation. Loved it!

Successful Ideas

I am happy with their services. Looking forward to the next project soon. 

Advanced Technology

Great translation and post-production support. They helped us a lot in our website launch. 

Partner Oriented

Great Partnership from start to end. 

Looking forward to working with you guys again. 


Our partners play a major role in increasing our investment performance.