Workplace Vendor™
Workplace Vendor™
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  • We plan, hire & execute your"Lingual Projects"
    Launch your product, app, website or book with us. We provide turn-key solutions. 
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  • We Specialize in Indian & Right Hand Languages Translation, Transcription and Subtitling

    Providing cutting edge translation and localization solutions for all Right-Hand Languages. 
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  • Your Success is Our Business!

  • Tech Recruitment

    We offer customized and specialized IT recruitment solutions. Our recruiter will work as part of your extended team. 
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Our expertise:

We are equipped with great people and latest technology and available round the clock to support our global clients. We are now more than 7 years old in the business and have resources having experiences of more than 15 years.

We have bi-lingual resources who support bi-lingual clients.

Our recruitment team is expert in head hunting and finding the exact talent you are looking for. We spend time in understanding the requirement and then dive deep in matching skills with needs and people with positions. 

Before taking up any project, we understand the need and conduct a feasibility check and submit report to the client. Post approval of the report, we allocate resources and start working on the requirements.