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The Workplace of Indian & Right-Hand Languages Translation, TEP, MTPE, Subtitling & Content Writing. 

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WorkplaceVendor™ is a professionally managed translation/lingual services company based out of New Delhi, India. A strong and experienced team of translators, proof-readers and editors support the company.

At WorkplaceVendor™, we make sure that each translation project is culturally correct, completed by experienced, qualified, and professional translators, edited by a well-qualified editor and then the proof-reading task is completed by a qualified expert who also ensures that the final document is flaw-less and error-free.

We offer instant human translation for software developers and other executives requiring urgent translation work. We are available on Skype/Google Hangout 24/7 to support our clients anywhere in the world.


Maximizing The Quality

Our QA team is always on fire in search of better ways to ensure  and maximize the quality of the work we do.
We get the translation edited and proofread by both freelance associates and in-house editors.

Each step that we undertake in order to ensure the quality is explained in our QA manual, please click below and check the details. 

Client Testimonials

Great translation and post-production support. They helped us a lot in our website launch. 


I am happy with their services. Looking forward to the next project soon. 


Wonderful service on Medical Interpretation and translation. Loved it!


More testimonials available on request...

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